British Shorthair

One of the earliest known examples of an undeniably domestic British Shorthair Cat was discovered during the excavations at Lullingstone in Kent. There in the basement of a rich manís house dating from the second half of the fourth century, was a skeleton of a cat that had perished in a fire. Its bones and teeth showed that it was a domesticated specimen.

During the 1,600 years that followed, the domestic cat survived as a pest-controller, despite repeated, systematic persecution and torture by pious Christians, who believed that the feline body housed the spirit of the devil. Eventually, in the Victorian era, cats were at last treated as appealing household pets.

The British blue has been called the "aristocrat" of shorthairs. This breed is hardy, good-natured, calm, affable, loyal intelligent, reserved, prosaic, stolid, loving, untemperamental, tranquil, dignified, independent and affectionate.

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