Caesarea Cat Club

The Caesarea Cat Club encourages interest in the welfare of cats. With the cooperation of local veterinary practices, the Club organizes talks to members and the general public with regard to the maintenance and care of both pedigree and non-pedigree animals bred by members of the Caesarea Cat Club. The stamp artist chosen for the Jersey Cats II commission, Julian Vasarhelyi, painted the pedigree cats from photographs by Alan Robinson LMPA (cat photographer) and Marc Henrie ASC NUJ (photographer of animals), both highly respected photographers in cat circles.

Most of the cats featured have very flamboyant show names but answer to pet names at home. This Miniature Sheet depicts a group of feline friends taking it easy in the garden with "Humdinger Hobo" -- better known to his friends as Hamish.

A kitten is a rosebud in the garden of the animal kingdom.
Robert Southey

Caesarea Cat Club
"Kashima Joie De Vivre"
Caesarea Cat Club
"Chi Chi Paderewski"

Caesarea Cat Club
"Berilion Chernoy"
Caesarea Cat Club
"Mardenka Mixedblessings"

Caesarea Cat Club
"Kashima Moondust"
Caesarea Cat Club
"Yacobar Hazir"

Stamps on this page courtesy of Mary and Jim Simpson

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