The Chinchilla Cat, with its piercing emerald-green eyes and its white coat lightly tipped in contrasting hues, is the epitome of feline grace. It is often regarded as the most beautiful of all longhairs. The Chinchilla is a variety of Persian, but its name is derived from a South American native rodent which shares the same coat characteristics. The profuse coat is white, lightly tipped with either black, silver or gold, to give a shimmering, translucent appearance. Both the eye rims and nose are outlined in black, providing a stark contrast to the emerald green eyes and red nose.

Anyone who has seen the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds are Forever will remember Bond's arch enemy, Blofeld, lovingly stroking a Chinchilla while he calmly plotted world domination. This image accurately portrays the Chinchilla -- a placid, quiet animal most content when on the receiving end of adoring attention from its owner. Chinchillas are an attentive and loving breed, and usually become very attached to their owners.

Chinchillas are a high-maintenance animal. Their coat sheds heavily and requires brushing daily to prevent knotting and matting. If a Chinchilla's coat is left unattended, apart from looking unsightly and becoming difficult to brush later, the matting can cause the animal discomfort and pain.

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