Fat cats
Thin cats
Scrawny cats and
Dim cats

Brainy cats and
Hairy cats
Smooth ones
Trim ones

Dancing cats
Prancing cats
Progressively advancing cats
Continually entrancing cats
In every kind of play

Fey cats
Gay cats
For ever in the way cats
Night-time or day cats
Always on display

Posing cats
Supposing cats
Pat it on the nose cats
Sink in deepest doze cats
Dreaming their lives away

One eye ever open cats
For favour ever hoping cats
To one side always sloping cats
Which prowl the night away with the

Roof-top and alley cats the
Lolling, dilly-dally cats the
Hill-top and the valley cats
Which are caught up in the fray with the

----- continued in next column

Fat cats
Thin cats
Scrawny cats and
Dim cats the
Rummage in the bin cats which
Join this quaint array to the

Silken-cushion sinking cats the
Eating and the drinking cats the
Pampered, polished, plushy cats the
Lazy or the rushing cats the
Owners always fussing cats
Polite or quite disgusting cats
Rumbustious or gushing cats and
Those who’re led astray from the

Great and noble family of
Feline equanimity
Imperious, mysterious
Amusing or quite serious of
Gargantuan proportions with the
Most inflated notions of their
Own quite great importance in
The scheme of things to come

From the strolling down the Strand cats to the
Sing with celestial band cats the
Sit on the Left Hand cats when
It comes to Judgement Day will be

A thin cat
A fat cat an
I know what I’m at cat there
Will be no doubt of that, Cat,
Your place awaits your whim

So that when nine lives are over you’ll
Be eternally in clover the
Stay at home cat or a rover
Never sink with feet of clay but

Rise a glorious on high cat a
Fearless ‘do or die’ cat
Gregarious or shy cat
Get up and walk your way. . .
Fiona Henrie

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