Central African Republic

Havana Brown

Its glistening mahogany-toned brown coat is the first thing an admirer notices. It's as sweet in appearance and color as chocolate. Most Havana Brown Cat fans choose to believe that the breed got its name because it is the color of a fine Havana cigar. The whiskers are brown to complement the coat color but with age they turn snow white.

This is a highly intelligent breed that easily learns its name and the word "No," and may be leash trained. These cats can learn to ride in a car, motor home or airplane cabin. Some have such a loud purr they simply vibrate! Unlike other breeds which characteristically use their noses to investigate curiosities, the Havana Brown leads with its paws, touching and feeling. They often extend a paw as a means of contact or to gain the attention of passers by. A people-oriented breed, these cats quietly demand human companionship.

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