Himalayan Persian

Himalayan Cat is the American name for a Persian Cat with Siamese colorpoint markings. Its popular nickname is the "Himmy" or "Himmie." Its appearance is almost exactly like that of the Persian, with snub nose, flat face, broad head, short body and thick, heavy, long-haired coat. The only difference is that this breed shows the colorpoint pattern of the Siamese.

The lilac point has eyes that are a deep shade of blue. The body is solid white, and the points are a snowy gray with pink highlights. This cat has a nose and foot pads that are shades of pink and lavender.

Terms used to describe this breed include: docile, gentle, intelligent, outgoing, devoted, affectionate and demanding. The voice is slightly louder than that of the full Persian, but much quieter than the Siamese. Because of their mixed ancestry it is inevitable that they will show some characteristics derived from both their Persian and their Siamese backgrounds. Not surprisingly, they are closer to the Persian than the Siamese. On the other hand, Himalayans are said to be more enterprising than full Persians, perhaps borrowing a small slice of the Siamese vigor.

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