Maldive Islands


In the late 1960s, two Siamese cats in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, produced three kittens with striking white feet. This new breed was named the Snowshoe, and breeders re-created it by crossing Oriental Shorthairs with American Shorthairs, seeming to combine the best of both breeds: Snowshoes are loving but not demanding and engaging but mellow.

Snowshoes are a lively breed that enjoys indoor living. Their intelligence is often uncanny, their dedication to their "toys" knows no bounds, and their good manners are often praised. More interactive than active, these cats need to be a part of your life. Laps are meant to be sprawled upon, shut doors are deeply offensive, and one is always met by a "greeting committee" when entering the home. Having soft and melodic voices, many Snowshoes have impressive rhetorical skills, and will regale with their stories of the day's adventures. They not only get along with other pets, but many need this kind of companionship and can get bored when they don't have a mate to pal around with.

With short, silky coats, Snowshoes have minimal grooming needs and are easy to care for.

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