It has been said that the Sphynx Cat is "so ugly that it is beautiful." It has also been called the "Canadian Hairless Cat," "Moon Cat," "Wrinkled Cat" and "Birthday Suit Cat." Its skin is hot to the touch, and has sometimes been referred to as a "suede hot-water bottle."

In Toronto in 1966, a black and white pet cat called Elizabeth gave birth to a mutant hairless male kitten which was given the name of Prune. When the kitten became adult it was mated back to its mother to produce more hairless kittens. Although this breed cannot stand a cold climate and must always be thought of as an "indoor cat," it does have the advantage that it seldom causes allergic responses in those sensitive to cat fur.

As anyone who has encountered this cat in the flesh will testify, its sensitivity and loving nature more than compensate for its bizarre appearance. It is unusually sociable and affectionate. It has been described as "part monkey, part dog, part child and part cat."

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