Congo Peopleís Republic

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a pure breed of cat, originating probably from the Manul cat domesticated by the Tartars. The breed eventually migrated to Turkey, where they are regarded today with great reverence. The white members are considered to be such natural treasures in their native homeland that they can no longer be exported.

Turks are known as "high cats," meaning they are most comfortable off the ground. They can be found lounging on top of shower doors, open doors in doorways, on refrigerators, or the shoulder of a passerby. They are amazing jumpers as adults, and have energy to burn. Turkish Angoras are among the most intelligent of the cat breeds. They play with all sorts of toys, especially interactive ones. They love their owners with a single-minded devotion. Turks bond very closely with one person in a household, and will tend to be under that personís feet all the time.

Many people have used the term Angora to signify any long-haired cat. However, the only pedigreed cats that carry the name "Angora" are the Turkish Angora. In the early part of this century, the Angora was used indiscriminately in breedings with Persians, finally disappearing from the scene as it became incorporated with that breed, known for a time simply as "Longhairs."

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